Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Park Household 24-28

We are in the homestrech people!!  I already have Friday planned as a night to eat out!! I'll have to see if the kids have some where they would like to go.   I wonder if Nathan will pick Tim Hortons.  =)

Day 24 I think I had something wonderful planned, but didn't feel like it so instead we made nachos.  Which is always a good standby.  As long as we have sour cream around. 

Day 25: I worked so it was perogies for the boys (not my favorite) and leftover roast beef for me. 

Day 26: Now that I think back to it I'm not really sure we had dinner on Saturday.  Lucas had some at a birthday party.  And when Nathan and I got to the birthday party we got a cupcake, so maybe that was our dinner.... not very healthy I know.  That night we also had a bunch of girls from the eat at home challenge over for a movie night.  We made popcorn in the popcorn maker and Lesley brought buffalo chicken dip (yummy) and I made the cream cheese/caramel/skor dip with apples. 

Day 27: Darryl made a delicious steak dinner and we had a bunch of people over. It was Dad's belated birthday celebration.  I tried to make the "pinned" roast brocolli with it, but Costco didn't have brocolli (not shocked, stupid Costco) so we had brocollini, it wasn't as good as I was hoping, but I'll have to try it with real brocolli next time. 

Day 28: Mondays have started to become a gong show for us.  I teach a class till 5, then get home and Lucas has karate at 6.  So we need to have something made when we get home.  Thank god for slow cookers!!  Yesterday morning I smorgy-d a recipe that I have done before.  It was 2 chicken breasts, half a container of cream cheese (leftover from movie night) corn (leftover from steak night) 3/4c salsa and some black beans.   Let it cook on low all day.  When we got home we shredded the meat and then put it in wraps.  Nathan preferred it with nacho chips.   It was delicious and fast and easy. 


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Lori Campbell said...

That sounds delicious! I'm going to try it!



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