Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monday Jan. 28 & Tuesday Jan. 29

Monday we had homemade Lasagna. I make a mean lasagna. Just out of my head now because I make it so often. Son 1 especially likes lasagna. Son 2 tolerates it. He likes the smell more than that actual dish. Tuesday was a rushed kind of night. I had leftovers from Monday, Son 1 didn't have leftover because he has it already in his lunch. For them I made rigatoni pasta. Son 1 has red sauce just "slopped" on top and not mixed in and son 2 has butter with parmesan cheese. If it's not made like how Lesley used to make it then look out! BH isn't home this week so that's why I made the lasagna. His diet doesn't allow him that kind of a dish, too bad for him...... Sorry no photo, I forgot.

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Lesley said...

I set such high standards, lol...sorry.



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